New teachers union ad focuses on kids shorted by funding formula

The Clark County Education Association, in a sharp departure from its previous ad going after Democratic leaders for trying to raise the minimum wage, has a new spot focusing on kids left out of the Nevada funding formula.

The ad emphasizes the Southern Nevada union's agenda of finding money -- perhaps as much as $200 million out of $1.2 billion needed -- to adjust the so-called weighted funding formula to provide multipliers for disadvantaged kids.  Here's our Indy Explainer on that formula.

The ad refers to 154,000 children in programs that would be affected if the formula were changed, and how they would fit across and down the Las Vegas Strip.

The union received strong pushback from Democrats after we reported on the last ad, which was eventually removed from the web. This one seems to signal the union, which is at odds with its state counterpart on some issues, is going to push for this additional money and try to give the Democrats cover instead of fire.