NRSC up with second ad attacking Rosen's resume

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is continuing its onslaught against Democratic Senate candidate Rep. Jacky Rosen, launching its second television ad in two weeks focused on the one-woman consulting business she ran more than a decade ago.

The 30-second ad is called “Sketchy,” and features Etch-A-Sketch drawings of the Democratic congresswoman and House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, while highlighting what it calls Rosen’s “sketchy resume” and “solid partisan” leanings in office.

The ad features a short clip of Rosen talking about building a business, which is contrasted with a Reno Gazette-Journal story that found no evidence the first-term congresswoman ever held a state or local business license.

“After lying about building a business and lying about her partisan voting history, Jacky Rosen can’t be trusted,” NRSC spokesman Michael McAdams said in a statement. “Nevada voters can’t afford to send Rosen to the Senate knowing her loyalty to Washington liberals and her trouble with telling the truth.”

In a statement released last week in response to a similar ad released by the NRSC, Rosen said the group was trying to have her experience as a female computer programmer “baselessly dismissed” or her “qualifications questioned.”

“I know how hard I worked to advance as a computer programmer in the male-dominated tech field and then continue my career as an independent consultant,” she said in a statement last week.

The group is spending six figures on the ad, which will air in the Reno television market.