Sandoval won't say if he voted for Trump

Gov. Brian Sandoval declined recently to disclose whether he voted for President-elect Donald Trump, but said that he is hopeful he succeeds.

"I want him, I want the country to do well, and for the country to do well the president needs to do well," Sandoval said last week during an interview in his office.

The governor, who repeatedly distanced himself from Trump during the campaign but never disavowed the GOP nominee, repeatedly refused to say if had voted for the incoming president.

"I haven't answered that question," Sandoval said.

You don't want to answer it?

"I don't."

Why not?

"The election's over."

Sandoval, who is vice-chair of the National Governors Association and will assume the top spot in July, said he has not had any conversations with the transition team.

"I don’t think that’s anybody’s fault," the governor said. "It’s a busy time for them.  They’re in the middle of – first they were picking potential, or Cabinet designees, and now they’re going through confirmation hearings.  He’s preparing, you know, to get inaugurated and I’m preparing for my own State of the State and wrapping up my own budget."

Sandoval said he will be in Washington, DC, later this month and in February. " I hope to be able to get meetings with some of the Cabinet members at that time," he said. "Mike Pence, our vice president-elect, is a friend of mine and somebody who I had a good relationship with (through the Republican Governors Association).... somebody that I know and respect.  So, you know, I’m actually excited and looking forward to developing the same type of relationships with the administration that I have with the prior one."

Now about meeting with the president-elect....