NV 8 Dept 31 2020

Our panel preferred Kishner, the incumbent. One panelist said she was “exemplary” in a case he worked on and is “very prepared” on the bench. Another agreed “she should be retained.”

Call did not complete our questionnaire nor did he respond to our law school research team’s attempts to contact him. Westlaw and Lexis searches yielded very little results. Call does not appear to maintain a campaign website. He has been a civil litigation attorney in Las Vegas for 21 years. None of the cases he is associated with provided much information and were not significant for the purposes of the voter information. Based on our research, Call has no record of ethics violations. 

Kishner was first elected to the bench in 2010 and has been the incumbent judge for Department 31 since taking the seat in early 2011. Prior to becoming a judge, she was a private attorney for multiple international firms, senior counsel at Warner Bros, a justice of the peace pro tempore, a small claims referee pro tempore, a traffic court pro tempore and an arbitrator. Kishner did not wish to self-report any significant cases because she feels that every decision she has made is equally important. Our research indicates that only 11 of Kishner’s rulings have been appealed and, according to “Our Nevada Judges” 36 percent of those appeals have resulted in reversal. 

In addition to her judicial responsibilities, Kishner is a member of the Legal Aid of Southern Nevada’s Pro Bono Advisory Council, a member of the Boyd Law School Public Interest Law Foundation and its Executive Board and a member of the statewide Access to Justice Commission. She was chair of the Eighth Judicial District’s Rules Committee for several years. She has been recognized for her pro bono work representing disadvantaged children through the Children’s Attorney Project, and for serving on the state and county bar’s Pro Bono Recruitment Committee. In 2016, she was awarded the Justice Nancy Becker Pro Bono Award of Judicial Excellence. Our research indicates that Kishner has never been reversed for abuse of discretion, has never been sanctioned by the court for misconduct and has no ethics violations.