NV 8 Dept 4 2020

Aurbach is well-respected and was given the nod by our entire legal panel. He was described as having “a very diverse knowledge of law.” Another panelist noted that he has been a mediator and arbitrator who “will be tremendous on the bench.” One panelist added, “I think it’s great he is willing to give up private practice to run.”

Krall is not seen by our panel as worthy of the bench, in part because she was deemed to have provided “ineffective assistance” as counsel to a man found guilty of first-degree murder. The conviction was reversed by the Nevada Supreme Court last year after an appeal by the convicted party claimed she was grossly underqualified to conduct such a trial and that she had failed to advise the defendant that he had the right to an appointed a public defender who would be specifically experienced with handling murder cases. 

Last month, in an odd move for a judicial candidate, Krall put out a statement declaring she was leaving the Democratic Party to “shed the label of partisan politician.” She then almost immediately put out an ad attacking Democrats and referring to Rep. Dina Titus as a “socialist.”

Aurbach’s civil litigation experience includes breach of contracts, leases, eviction issues, complex foreclosure issues, construction cases, disputes between partners of a business, and representing doctors in medical malpractice cases. Notably, among other cases, he won a $5 million arbitration award for breach of contract against an HMO (Health Plan of Nevada) after 22 days of arbitration hearings. The District Court confirmed the award and on appeal, the Nevada Supreme Court affirmed judgment.

Aurbach has written numerous articles and practice manuals, and has lectured for the Nevada State Bar, the Clark County Bar and various national legal education companies on evictions, mortgage and trust deed foreclosures, personal property security interests under the U.C.C., as well as authoring two chapters of the Nevada Civil Practice Manual. His first job was deputy district attorney in Clark County. He is a longtime attorney and the founding partner of Marquis Aurbach Coffing. He has worked as an arbitrator for both the American Arbitration Association and Advanced Resolution Management, as well as serving 17 years as a Nevada Supreme Court Settlement Judge. He has an AV rating from Martindale.com and five stars based on peer reviews.

Krall was admitted to the bar in 2001 and is an attorney with Nadia Krall-von Magdenko & Associates, PLLC (2008 – present). She also serves as an appeals officer for the Las Vegas Municipal Court (2020). She was a judge pro tem in the Las Vegas Justice Court (2010 – 2014); Of Counsel at McDonald Adras, LLC (2011 – 2013); an associate attorney at Barron & Pruitt, LLP (2002 – 2008); and an associate attorney at Beckley Singleton (2001). Her areas of expertise include personal injury, criminal law and civil litigation. It appears from the case records that she has lost all civil trials to date. It does not appear that Krall has ever been sanctioned by a court or faced any disciplinary issues from the state bar.