NV 8 Dept G 2020

The legal panelists familiar with these candidates gave the nod to incumbent Rhonda Forsberg, stating that she is “well-respected” and “should be retained”. 

Forsberg has been licensed to practice in Nevada for 15 years and was appointed to the bench in 2019. Prior to taking the bench, she was a private attorney for 14 years focusing on Family Court matters. This year, the Nevada Court of Appeals reversed one of Forsberg’s decisions for the first time, finding that she had misapplied the legal standard when she denied a mother’s motion to hyphenate her child’s last name. Forsberg has never been sanctioned by the court and has no history of ethics violations.

Childs did not complete our questionnaire. He has been a private attorney in Las Vegas for 30 years. According to his firm’s website, they are “currently focusing on real estate law, business law, probate and asset protection. Westlaw and Lexis searches indicate that approximately 42 percent of cases for which he was the attorney of record have been family matters. It appears that Childs used to represent family law matters much more often in his earlier years of practice, but that he still takes on family matters at a less-frequent rate. It appears that Childs has never been sanctioned by the court for misconduct and has no history of ethics violations.