NV 8 Dept P 2020

Dayani got the nod from several panelists, even though she has only been a law clerk in the Family Court system. One noted that she “has over 10 years experience” in that arena. Another added that she “probably has knowledge that would work.” Yet another said she “knows procedure” and “seems bright.” A dissenting panelist said Dayani “lacks the competency to be a judge.” Most panelists were not familiar with Perry.

Dayani was admitted to the Nevada Bar in 2008. Since then, she has been employed as a law clerk for the Eighth Judicial Court, Family Court Division under three different judges. She is currently working under Judge Hoskin. She did not respond to our questionnaire or the law school team’s attempts to contact her. 

Law clerks have a number of responsibilities designed to assist judges including, but not limited to, reviewing the filings of both parties, conducting legal research, drafting orders and opinions, proofreading the judge’s orders and opinions, and communicating with counsel. Because she has never represented clients, Westlaw and Lexis searches yielded no results. Most of our information on her comes from her campaign website and other campaign efforts. In addition to her work as a law clerk, Dayani helped start the UNLV Mediation clinic, which allows law students to conduct mediations through the Family Court. According to an interview she did with the Nevada Current, her goal is to make the court experience better and easier with proposed reforms such as greater access to resource information, calling cases that have pro bono counsel first, and expanding the areas of law that mediation programs cover. Currently, mediation only addresses custody matters, but not other divorce matters like division of property. Dayani has no history of ethics violations. 

Perry has been licensed to practice in Nevada for 19 years. She did not respond to our questionnaire, but did provide some information to our law school team. Most of our research came from Westlaw, Lexis and the Eighth Judicial District Court Portal. Almost all of her career history is in family law. She has been the attorney of record in 286 matters before the Eighth Judicial District Court, 175 of which have been family law matters. None of the cases that we were able to research were particularly significant for the purposes of voter information. According to her campaign website, she believes that “giving a litigant a few minutes today can save a trial tomorrow” and stresses the importance of treating each litigant fairly while also enforcing the law. As far as our research indicates, Perry has never been sanctioned by a court for misconduct and has no history of ethics violations.