Atkinson announces Senate committee assignments for 2019 Legislature

Front of the Nevada State Senate building

Senate Majority Leader Kelvin Atkinson announced full committee assignments for the 2019 legislative session on Wednesday.

The announcement comes one day after the Clark County Commission appointed Assemblyman Chris Brooks and Dallas Harris, an administrative attorney with the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada, to fill two vacant seats in the chamber. Atkinson announced Senate committee chair assignments last month.

Speaker Jason Frierson has yet to announce full committee assignments for the Assembly, though he announced committee chairs last month. There are a few vacancies still to be filled in the Assembly: the District 36 seat, which was left vacant after Republican Dennis Hof won the November election despite his death before the election; the District 11 seat, which was held by Olivia Diaz who resigned on Monday to run for Las Vegas City Council; and the District 10 seat, which was held by Brooks until he was appointed to the Senate on Tuesday.

Here’s the full Senate committee assignments:

Commerce and Labor: Senators Pat Spearman (Chair), Kelvin Atkinson (Vice Chair), Nicole Cannizzaro, James Ohrenschall, Chris Brooks, Joe Hardy, James Settelmeyer, Heidi Gansert

Education: Senators Mo Denis (Chair), Joyce Woodhouse (Vice Chair), Pat Spearman, Marilyn Dondero Loop, Scott Hammond, Ira Hansen, Keith Pickard

Finance: Senators Joyce Woodhouse (Chair), David Parks (Vice Chair), Mo Denis, Kelvin Atkinson, Yvanna Cancela, James Settelmeyer, Ben Kieckhefer, Pete Goicoechea

Government Affairs: Senators David Parks (Chair), Melanie Scheible (Vice Chair), Julia Ratti, Ben Kieckhefer, Pete Goicoechea

Growth and Infrastructure: Senators Yvanna Cancela (Chair), Chris Brooks (Vice Chair), Mo Denis, Kelvin Atkinson, Dallas Harris, Joe Hardy, James Settelmeyer, Scott Hammond

Health and Human Services: Senators Julia Ratti (Chair), Pat Spearman (Vice Chair), Joyce Woodhouse, Joe Hardy, Scott Hammond

Judiciary: Senators Nicole Cannizzaro (Chair), Dallas Harris (Vice Chair), James Ohrenschall, Marilyn Dondero Loop, Melanie Scheible, Scott Hammond, Ira Hansen, Keith Pickard

Legislative Operations and Elections: Senators James Ohrenschall (Chair), Nicole Cannizzaro (Vice Chair), Yvanna Cancela, Heidi Gansert, Keith Pickard

Natural Resources: Senators Melanie Scheible (Chair), Chris Brooks (Vice Chair), Dallas Harris, Pete Goicoechea, Ira Hansen

Revenue and Economic Development: Senators Marilyn Dondero Loop (Chair), Julia Ratti (Vice Chair), David Parks, Ben Kieckhefer, Heidi Gansert