2-Minute Preview: Death penalty ban & Clark County school reorganization up for discussion

Major hearings are on the way for Nevada lawmakers on Wednesday, with showdowns expected on bills dealing with the pharmaceutical industry and the controversial reorganization of the Clark County School District.

Here’s what to watch for on Wednesday:

No more death penalty

Nevada legislators will hear a proposal that would end Nevada’s use of capital punishment since it was reinstated in 1973.

Democratic Assemblyman James Ohrenschall is the primary sponsor of AB237, which would remove the sentence of death for first-degree murder and replace it with life imprisonment without possibility for parole.

Legislators in 2015 approved $860,000 for construction of a new execution chamber at a state prison in Ely, but the new facility hasn’t been used because the state can no longer obtain the drugs needed for an execution. Nevada has more than 80 people on death row, and the state’s last execution was carried out in 2006.

Watch the hearing on the bill at 8 a.m. in the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

Prevailing Wage

After the Republican-led Legislature approved tightening up which projects are required to pay prevailing wage to construction workers during the 2015 session, Democrats are planning to reopen the debate.

Under AB406, which is sponsored by Democratic Assemblyman Skip Daly, more state construction projects would be required to pay prevailing wage, a kind of wage floor for contractors equivalent to the average wage paid to contractors throughout the county.

The measure would reduce the threshold for prevailing wage construction projects from $250,000 to $25,000, and remove exemptions on K-12 and higher education projects that currently allow them to pay 90 percent of the prevailing wage. It would also require charter schools pay prevailing wage on construction projects and makes several other changes to the bidding and construction process.

Watch the hearing on AB406 at 8:30 a.m. in the Assembly Government Affairs committee.

Prescription drug price controls

A wide-ranging pharmaceutical regulatory bill sponsored by Democratic Sen. Yvanna Cancela is finally scheduled for a hearing.

SB265 would require price controls on medically necessary diabetes drugs, and would require manufacturers of diabetes-related drugs to submit reports with industry information to state officials and mandated notices of some price increases.

It would also create a registry of pharmaceutical sales representatives and require them to be licensed by the state, and to submit annual reports detailing their contact and marketing with providers.

For more on the measure, check out Megan Messerly’s preview of what the bill does. Watch the hearing on the bill at 3:30 p.m. in the Senate Health and Human Services committee.

Clark County School District Reorganization

Legislative leaders are teaming up to fast-track a bill — AB469 — that would put some controversial regulations related to the Clark County School District’s reorganization into statute. The measure’s goal is to stave off a lawsuit from the district’s board of trustees, which has taken issue with the regulations. They oppose an unfunded mandate to hire a contractor and specific prescriptions on how to carry out the breakup.

Republican Assembly Leader Paul Anderson said that lawmakers plan to hold a joint 6 p.m. hearing on the bill on Wednesday, and then to push it through both houses for final passage and signing by as early as next week. He said legislators will likely consider a follow-up bill to amend throughout the session, without the threat of a lawsuit hanging over legislators.

Michelle Rindels contributed to this story.