Indy Briefs | The Latest News: Titus to Laxalt: Condemn Trump; Reports: Wynn to be head of RNC finance

Rep. Dina Titus sent a letter  Monday to Attorney General Adam Laxalt, asking him to condemn President Trump's "outrageous" executive order banning some refugees.

The Nevada Democrat called the order a "de facto ban against religious minorities" and "a morally reprehensible order" in her missive to Laxalt, who is mulling a run for governor.

Titus mentions that 16 attorneys general already have written to Trump expressing outrage. She does not mention they are all Democrats. Laxalt, while he has previously raised questions about executive authority under President Obama, is a Republican.

In a statement sent to reporters on Monday afternoon, Laxalt said his office "is doing what it has always done: carefully evaluate the action and its consequences to see if it violates a law passed by Congress or the Constitution.”

This brief has been updated to include a statement from Attorney General Adam Laxalt.

----Jon Ralston

Wynn to head RNC finance arm

Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn will be the new finance chair of the Republican National Committee.

Wynn, the legendary Las Vegas developer and CEO and chairman of Wynn Resorts, was picked over the weekend to lead the RNC’s fundraising apparatus into the 2018 midterm elections, according to LifeZette and Fox News.

President Donald Trump reportedly asked Wynn personally to take the role, according to Fox.

Wynn reportedly didn’t “give a dime” to either Trump or Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election, but was named to Trump’s inauguration team in November as a finance vice chairman alongside fellow casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.

The RNC’s former financial director was Lew Eisenberg, a veteran Republican financial bundler appointed to the role in 2015. 

----Riley Snyder

Sales taxes up

Hotels were up the most -- 86 percent -- while the construction industry is back to booming numbers -- up 24 percent. Twelve of the 17 counties reported increases.

So how will this affect the state budget? From the release:

"Compared to the December 2016 Economic Forum projections, and based on Department analysis, the General Fund portion of the Sales and Use Taxes is approximately 0.45 percent, or $1.9 million, below the Economic Forum forecast for Fiscal Year 2017 through the November period."

----Jon Ralston

Sisolak condemns Trump

Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak, a presumed candidate for governor, strongly condemned the refugee ban this morning on Twitter.

Sisolak does not tweet much -- he has only sent out 116. And he rarely tweets about national issues, so this may be a sign...

----Jon Ralston

Taxpayers group boss steps down

The Nevada Taxpayers Association put out a news release on a Sunday evening announcing that Anna Thornley, who had only led the group for a year as president, has resigned.

“Anna gave the Association a fresh look at technology by completely redesigning the Association’s website making it more user-friendly.  She expanded membership and continued to increase the financial stability of the organization.  We wish her the best in her new endeavor.” David Turner, the board chair, said in the release.

Thornley, who reportedly was frustrated with resistance to modernization, replaced legendary tax maven Carole Vilardo. Her resignation is effective Feb. 7, just as the Legislature begins. Cindy Creighton, the group's chief operating officer, will fill in.

— Jon Ralston

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