As Congress wrestles with how to manage a growing number of wild horses, Rep. Mark Amodei didn't mince words when asked his opinion. The Republican congressman, whose district includes rural areas where wild horses roam in Nevada, told ​t​he Washington Examiner that he supports an amendment that would allow the Bureau of Land Management to sell or, in some cases, euthanize the animals. “At its core, with this amendment, we will kill horses,” Amodei told the Washington Examiner. “I don’t use that or say that lightly. I have nothing against horses. I don’t want to kill horses. I know they make movies about horses, and not cows. I get that. They are an iconic symbol of the West. But I’ve got news for you, horse advocates. Policy makers, unless we are willing to get behind a policy and stop saying we won't kill one horse, at some point, we will have to start slaughtering horses because the overpopulation is so out of control. I don't support the status quo.” (Photo credit: Kyle Hendrix/BLM)