Amodei on Trumpcare: "This legislation for Nevada is not looking good"

Update: Amodei tweeted the following shortly after I published this blog post about his probable vote on ACA:





Rep. Mark Amodei, considered a swing vote on the American Health Care Act, said Thursday morning on MSNBC that the measure is "not looking good" for Nevada.

Rep. Mark Amoedi

In the interview, Amodei sounded very much like a nay vote in talking to anchor Ali Velshi: "The legislation that's proposed right now will do nothing to enable me to go back to Nevada and tell people their rates are going to go down any time in the near future, that their choices are going to go up or deductibles are going to go down."

And in a classic Amodei moment, when asked by Velshi if he had talked to the president or House leaders, he retorted, "No, I haven't gotten any calls from the Russians on anything, I haven't gotten any calls from the president. It's a good thing I don't have any feelings or they'd be hurt."

A vote is still expected Thursday evening.

Here's the full transcript.