Nevada needs relief from Health Insurance Tax

by Aaron West

After several years of economic struggles, Nevada has, thankfully, begun to show positive signs of economic recovery and job growth. This post-recession recovery is evident by the amount of construction projects throughout the state. From the Raiders Stadium, I-11 bypass and various gaming/convention projects in the South to the USA Parkway extension, Rancharrah & Park Lane developments in Reno, it is clear that construction in Nevada is booming again across the state.

As one of the largest industries in the state, construction is also a leader in job growth. This activity and growth will have a positive economic impact on the state. However, this success will be negatively affected by the implementation of the burdensome Health Insurance Tax (HIT). With health insurance premiums continuing to rise, making affordability and availability an ongoing struggle, we simply can’t take another... HIT.

As the largest statewide construction industry association with more than 800 member companies, the Nevada Builders Alliance believes that a delay, or elimination, of this tax is necessary if we want to continue this trajectory of Nevada’s booming economic growth. Other top Nevada industries will be affected as well:  The professional, scientific and technical services industry, as well as the real estate and the retail trade industries, will experience any health insurance tax as a financial burden they can little afford.

Health care has an across-the-board impact on employers, employees and the economy, and to add a tax onto the already high health-care benefits costs incurred by small businesses will cause a strain and slow necessary job growth. We need to prioritize a low-tax environment and avoid any potential ripple effects on businesses, their employees, and their families. Higher taxes would be a setback for the monumental growth and development we are currently witnessing in our state, and will prevent the formation of new businesses in Nevada.

Sen. Heller has signed onto legislation that would prevent the implementation of the HIT. We appreciate his position, and encourage other members of the Nevada delegation to join him in opposition. Now is the time to stop this costly tax before the negative impacts are felt across our now robust and growing state.

Aaron West is the CEO of the Nevada Builders Alliance.

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